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Employee Internet Managment  software
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Employee Internet Management

Employee Internet Management

However, many IT and senior managers are discovering employee Internet use that they never envisioned. Employee use of the Internet is placing organizations in a vulnerable position by creating legal liabilities and security risks, reducing employee productivity, and consuming bandwidth needed for business applications.

With the Employee Internet Management tool solve these problems.

Improve Employee Productivity
Recreational Internet use by employees during the workday cost a mid-size manufacturing company $1.00 Million annually in lost productivity.

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Increase Employee Productivity
Increase Employee Productivity

Reduce Legal Liability

Pornography in the workplace resulted in a sexual harassment lawsuit being filed against a small CPA firm. The onus of any unlawful software found on the organisations hardware assets is on the organisation.

Enhance Security

Employees who use Instant Messaging to chat with friends and exchange files, or Peer-to-Peer file sharing programs to download and share illegal copies of music or movies, may unintentionally download viruses or files imbedded with malicious code. These file transfers bypass many of the anti-virus defense measures companies have invested in.

Free up Bandwidth for business use

Use of streaming media for music, news, sports, pornographic videos, or other entertainment, accounted for 21% of a regional medical center's overall Internet traffic. Users experienced slower response times for health care and business applications accessed via the Internet. See the results of our study of 20 companies in Cost of Employees' Secret Surfing!
For more Contact us to begin enforcing your company's Internet usage policy. You will improve employee productivity, reduce the risk of a sexual harassment lawsuit, enhance security, and increase bandwidth for business applications.