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 Features (CIMS)
 Bandwidth Control and Optimization
Bandwidth Manager is a tool that allows operators to control traffic that can be passed to or from a particular medium. It also can make decisions about what types of traffic have priority, when there is more traffic, when there is bandwidth available, thus "shaping" traffic flow to sets of user-defined behaviors. With a 10Mbps Ethernet LAN, for example, all traffic travels at 10 megabits per second and all devices on the LAN have equal access to the bandwidth. Normally, this is fine because you want things to run as fast as possible most of the time and Ethernet devices are designed to share the 10Mbps bandwidth on an equal basis. There are times, however, when you want to give priority to certain devices or services or to limit them to a lower level of bandwidth. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of an Ethernet LAN without allowing a particular host or service type to dominate the facility. You may have service level requirements that cannot be met randomly; in this case a Bandwidth Manager allows you to allocate bandwidth to a particular class of data and guarantee that other, non-critical traffic types don't use more than you want them to.

The Bandwidth Manager allows you to control traffic by IP address or by user, which allows specific services (such as HTTP, News, etc) to be either "guaranteed bandwidth" or "bandwidth limited" to any rate up to the full bandwidth of the medium. Additional features allow you to tune these limits and allocation in relation to other types of traffic, thus achieving dynamic bandwidth allocation based on user-defined criteria.

There are several target environments for the Bandwidth Management Tool, but the concept of bandwidth management is of importance to both large and small Internet users. Unless you have much more bandwidth then you need all of the time, a Bandwidth Manager can provide significant improvement in bandwidth utilization, and in effect, can yield increased productivity with less bandwidth.
 FireWall Configuration & Maintenance
Cybernetra with firewall is a complete security and control package that is a powerful and flexible way to administer local access of external resources. Facilities include not only powerful fire walling but also user access control. The firewall implementation has undergone rigorous testing. Security can be set up easily from cybernetra administration facility that is accessed by web browser. Clearly defined menus lead the administrator through both initial set up and ongoing control. Still in order to ensure that the client doesn't face any implementation and operations related problem we support the initial implementation with one year’s free support.
 DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) 
Cybernetra with DMZ support secure’s an internal network from external access. The point of DMZ is that connections from the internal and the external network to the DMZ are permitted, wheras connections from the DMZ are only permitted to the external network--hosts in the DMZ may not connect to the internal network.

   The DMZ is typically used for cpnnecting servers that need to be accessible from the outside world, such as e-mail, web and DNS servers.
  Virus and Spam Protection for E-mail.
Cybernetra does not come with any integrated anti-virus Software. It has to be integrated with an anti-virus software to be provided by the user. Cybernetra can be integrated with most Linux compatible anti-virus softwares and acts as transparent proxy for email, scanning every email entering or leaving the network. The system is designed keeping deployment as simple as possible. No changes are required on computers running email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail etc.

   Predefined Rules and Block list help identify spam mails and even customized rules can be set by administrator for identifying spam mail. Subject line of spam mails are modified by the server so that filters can be set on email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Netscape mail etc. in order to deliver such kind of mails in separate folder.
 VPN (Virtual Private Network) 
Cybernetra well-designed VPN can provide great benefits for an organization. It can:
  • Extend geographic connectivity.
  • Improve security where data lines have not been ciphered.
  • Reduce transit time and transportation costs for remote users.
  • Simplify network topology in certain scenarios.
  • Provide global networking opportunities.
  • Provide telecommuter support.
  • Show a good economy of scale.
  • Addresses mobile computing challenges such as wireless security, coverage gaps, roaming, performance and handheld device support (Mobile VPNs).
 DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) 
DHCP is a set of rules used by communications devices such as a computer, router or network adapter to allow the device to request and obtain an IP address from a server which has a list of addresses available for assignment.
 VLAN (Virtual LAN) 
A VLAN consists of a network of computers that behave as if connected to the same wire - even though they may actually be physically connected to different segments of a LAN.
  Web Filtering
The filtering system filters sites deemed illegal, offensive, non productive, or contrary to education or work related activities, with a very high accuracy. The system requires no software or hardware installation on the workstations. It eliminates staff's monitoring responsibilities and frees them from an undesirable task. Statistics have shown that 62% of Internet users were found accessing inappropriate material. As a result an alarming amount of productivity is being lost. The following functions are performed by the web filter:
It eliminates the need to monitor employees in Corporate, Children, Student and Staff in Educational Organization, Libraries etc.
It protects and reduces organization’s potential for legal liabilities, complies with censorship issues and satisfies the due diligence requirements
It is a fully automated system that requires no staff. It also saves you Bandwidth
It uses an advanced computer filtering system that runs 24h a day, updating, searching and categorizing inappropriate materials.
It filters pornography, hate literature, and other offensive material before it even enters the Computer Terminals
Web filter checks for Sites, URL expression and mime type.
The architecture of web filter is impenetrable and cannot be circumvented by users.
Web filter is tailored to small and large clients
Exhaustive reports are available. Different categories of reports can be provided. The reports can be based on IP address or user name.
Cybernetra also provides a campus-wide internal email server with emails between internal users going via Cybernetra. For maximum throughput efficiency, Cybernetra delivers and retrieves external email for the whole organization at predetermined intervals. Cybernetra offers the great flexibility of being able to collect email from multiple mailboxes with different domain names located at different ISP's.

Users no longer have to wait to make their calls with a modem, but can pick up email messages direct from their PC when it's convenient - even the next day if they are out of the office. Or they can choose to have mail automatically redirected or copied to other addresses.Virtual mail groups can be set up for different departments through aliasing facilities, which have the added advantage of catching addressing errors. Incoming and/or outgoing emails can be automatically copied to specified mailboxes to provide an audit record of messages.
For complete flexibility Cybernetra can be set to act as a gateway to another internal mail server such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes.
  Border Caching
To increase efficiency and speed up user access Cybernetra provides site Caching. This allows popular web sites, pages or parts of pages to be stored locally in the server and to be viewed subsequently by other users unless the content has changed thereby reducing considerable load on available Internet Bandwidth

Rather than caching within the Internet, as is done by ISP's, Cybernetra implements caching in the most efficient place for organization - on the boundary between the Organisation LAN and the Internet, i.e. inside Cybernetra. This makes responses extremely quick once the information is held within the cache.

Caching is transparent and intelligent with no configuration necessary by the user or network administrator. It works in conjunction with your ISP's cache, so that both are aware of the age and content that is being carried by the co-operating device. The likelihood of having to go back to the originating server is much reduced.