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   The net is a Double- edged Weapon!!
The Internet is perhaps the greatest business enabler of all times - making available to you all the information you need, when you need it; and allowing  real-time communication with your colleagues,
with your customers, and with your business associates. It has brought with it the "death of distance", and offers the potential of a productivity tool like none before.
Increase Employee Productivity
Increase Employee Productivity
Simply put, if you are an organisation that envisions a date with destiny in the future, the Internet is a tool you cannot afford to ignore.
The story of the potential of Internet does not end here, however. Like most things in this Universe, the Net is a double-edged weapon. The same Internet we have sung paeans about above is, ironically, also the greatest efficiency buster around. It is the source of free entertainment, online shopping, interactive gaming, and is also the world's biggest library of pornographic content - some of the finest reasons for distraction for the employees at work !
Some of the most Amazing Internet Statistics show that
The top 3 word searches on the Internet are: 1) sex 2) mp3 3) hotmail. ( source : Wordtracker.com)
70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the 9-to-5 workday (source : Sex Tracker)
According to data from OneStat.com, 15.34 percent of worldwide Internet traffic occurs on Monday, making Monday the most popular day to go online. Saturday and Sunday account for the least amount of Internet traffic (source : NUA Internet Surveys)
70% of the business Bandwidth is used in non-business traffic (music files, gaming software downloads, pornographic content downloads), thereby compromising the bandwidth availability to the serious users
Clearly, the challenge for any organization is to harness the productive power of the Internet, while limiting it's non-productive exploitation. Another challenge is to make available a fast Internet experience to the serious net user by limiting net availability for casual purposes.

It is to addressing the above challenges that the Cybernetra Internet Management System from Eon Infotech Limited is dedicated.

Netra in Sanskrit means "eye". Cybernetra, thus, is your eye to the internet usage in your organisation. Because you deserve to know the use ( and the abuse ) this wonderful tool that is Internet is being put to at your workplace.

Cybernetra, - a Linux based (read "easy on your pocket"), Employee Internet Management Software System that enables you to implement your organisation's Internet usage policies and standards, provides an accounted, clean and pure Internet experience for your employees, and helps you reclaim lost productivity, as also derive the most from your ("recurringly" expensive) bandwidth.

Promising for you (for once, in technology !!) a payback in weeks, if not days !!