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 Why Cybernetra?
The Internet is a powerful tool for student learning and extending reach when used for education-related purposes. It is also a medium for entertainment and personal enrichment, which has the potential to distract students and employees from work-related activities. Educational administrators have the challenging task of providing a safe and productive environment for their students and staff. College internet management software, which implements your organization’s Internet policies and standards and enforces sensible internet restrictions, can reclaim lost productivity and bandwidth, reduce your exposure to legal liability and minimize inappropriate use of the internet.

The overwhelming demand for Internet access in schools, libraries, business and homes, has created potential problems due to the proliferation of many inappropriate web sites. Statistics have shown that 62% of colleges found students and employees accessing inappropriate material. As a result they are losing an alarming amount of productivity. Recent studies show that 30% of Internet clients have requested CLEAN, SAFE and PRODUCTIVE Internet.
The following issues require attention of the Organization
Students and Employees accessing Internet sites for personal use are wasting valuable organization time, which results in lost productivity. cybernetra will increase productivity by restricting and managing internet usage and will then assist with creating a safe and productive internet environment.
Network Bandwidth
Bandwidth greatly impacts on Intranet and Internet access and the ability to maintain an acceptable level of service. Problems can result when people spend large amounts of time on the internet, downloading numerous files, especially bandwidth-intensive files such as MP3 music or streaming video, which can impose a severe burden on scarce network resources. cybernetra is a powerful tool for bandwidth management. By implementing the bandwidth management software, a significant improvement in network capacity can be expected.
Internet Costs
Cybernetra reduces the cost of internet access by improving productivity, reducing the time spent accessing inappropriate material and by conserving network bandwidth allowing expensive network upgrades to be postponed or avoided altogether.
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Legal Liability
Para 67 of Indian Information Technology Act puts the onus of defense on the organization. In case a student has downloaded some software illegally on the organization’s computer, the organization is liable to the legal owners of the software. Similar is the offence of posting inappropriate content on the web. Organizations also have a duty of care to ensure that young citizens are protected from accidental exposure to offensive material on the net. cybernetra reduces your exposure to legal liability arising from such exposure by Internet blocking and enforcing your organization’s acceptable internet access policies.