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Employee Internet Managment  software
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 Internet Monitoring Software-Cybernetra
Cybernetra is based on Linux. This is installed on a separate machine in the network, using the Installation CD provided, which includes the operating system. The Installation process is completely automated, and typically takes only 5 minutes.

Once installed, the operation is equally simple.Cybernetra solution is transparent to the user. Any request from the user for Internet access is forwarded to the Cybernetra server via the client software installed on his machine. The users keep accessing the web through the normal browsers and email through the programs like Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape mail, etc. All firewall & time/usage restrictions are controlled by the server.
 Network Diagram
Increased User (Employee / Student) Productivity
Cybernetra lets your employees leverage the power of Internet without allowing any distractions, by restricting access to unwanted sites / chat facility, delivers an accounted, pure and clean Internet experience for users across the entire network
Reduced Legal Liability    
The onus of any unlawful software found on the organisations hardware assets is on the organisation. Cybernetra blocks such downloads limiting your risks on this count.
Increased User Productivity
Increased User Productivity
Better Utilisation of Expensive Bandwidth
Bandwidth hungry music, gaming and pornographic content is blocked thereby restricting bandwidth use to meaningful business content, helping you make your bandwidth rupee count for more faster net !!!!